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Portable Concrete Mixer VS Twin Shaft Mixers

May 11, 2023

Portable concrete mixer consists of a mobile chassis plus a concrete mixer. The mixing power at this time can be provided by the chassis, or it can be driven by an electric or diesel engine. If it is electric, it can be satisfied with an additional generator. The loader is used to feed the material, the water pump is used to feed the water, and the automatic mixing can complete the mobile mixing, which is convenient for field construction.

The portable small concrete mixer has a simple structure and low investment cost, and can fully mix the concrete. It is an economical and practical concrete mixing equipment, so it is widely used in construction projects, roads, bridges and various concrete production plants. It is very popular in urban and rural areas and some construction projects in cities.

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According to the actual requirements of customers, JDC350, JDC500, and JZC500 can all produce mobile concrete mixers, which generally include locomotive head, head frame, road wheels, and a power system that can realize power output forward and reverse. A stirring drum and a transmission mechanism are arranged on the frame of the headstock.

The structure of the stirring drum includes a cylinder body, a material port is provided at the front end of the cylinder body, a ring rail is provided on the outer surface of the front end of the cylinder body, the rear end of the cylinder body is closed. The head frame is provided with support wheels, which are respectively supported on both sides of the mixing drum.

The twin shaft concrete mixer is composed of a feeding device, a mixing device, a water supply device, an unloading device, an oil supply device, and an electrical control system. There is a detailed introduction.

Mixing system

The mixing system is composed of electric motor, belt conveyor, gearbox, open gear, mixing tank, stirring device, lubricating device and so on.

The motor drives the two-stage gear box and reducer through the pulley, and the two output shafts drive the stirring shafts of the two horizontal devices to rotate at the same speed in the opposite direction through two split gears to achieve uniform mixing.

Feeding system

The feeding system is composed of hoist, feeding track, hopper and so on. The brake motor of the winch drives the reel to rotate through the reducer, and the wire rope passes through the pulley traction bucket and climbs up along the track of the feeding rack.

When climbing to a certain height, a pair of rollers on the discharge door enter the horizontal branch of the loading rack, the bucket door is automatically opened, and the material is automatically opened, and the material is put into the mixing tank through the feeding funnel. In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the hopper, a limit switch is installed on the feeding track to limit the rising of the hopper and protect the safety.

Water supply system

The water supply system of twin shaft mixers is composed of water pump, motor, cleaning device, water spraying device and so on.

Start the water pump to inject water into the mixing drum, two valves can adjust the flow of water, and the total amount of water supply is controlled by a time relay. When the button is turned to the "time control" position, the water pump will run and stop automatically according to the set time, and when the button is turned to the "manual" position, it can supply water continuously.

Unloading system

The unloading mechanism is divided into three types: manual unloading, electric unloading and hydraulic unloading. In order to ensure the opening and closing position of the discharge door, a positioning device is provided, and the sealing of the discharge door can be guaranteed by adjusting the position of the sealing plate.

Electrical System

The electrical control circuit is equipped with automatic switch and AC contactor, which has the functions of short circuit protection, overload protection and phase failure protection. The control buttons are arranged on the door of the batching box, and there is a door lock, and a protective cover is provided outside the buttons.

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