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The Main Technical Indexes of Small Asphalt Plant

Nov 27, 2019

Asphalt plant is an necessary equipment in the construction of highways, municipal road, airport and port. The small asphalt plant is more popular because of its wide application. When you buy such plant, what should you know?

1. Structure

1574842771504974.jpgAccording to different classification methods, asphalt mixing plant has different types.

  • Production process: intermittent type and continuous type

  • Transport way: mobile asphalt plant, trailed asphalt plant and stationary asphalt plant

The type of asphalt mixing plant can be combined, such as mobile asphalt drum mix plant.

2. Set Capacity

The set capacity of the asphalt batch plant mainly refers to the capacity of the mixing tank, which is mainly for the intermittent type.

The capacity of the asphalt mix plant among different asphalt batching plant manufacturers are not same, but basically there are 800kg, 1000kg, 1200 kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, etc.

Parts of Asphalt mixing plant.jpg3. Working Period

The productivity of small asphalt plant for sale is determined by the capacity of the mixing tank and working period. Working period refers to the cost of time from the discharge of the mixing tank to the next discharge. Under standard conditions, it is generally 45s. But for continuous type, there is no such concept.

4. Productivity

Productivity refers to the hourly output of asphalt mixing plant under standard operating conditions. For asphalt batch plant, Productivity refers to the hourly output of asphalt mixing equipment under standard operating conditions. The fixed capacity of LB-800 asphalt plant is 60 t/h; LB1000, 80t/h;LB1200, 100 t/h;LB2000, 160 t/h.

5. Installation Power

It refers to refers to the sum of the total power of all the electrical equipment of a set of asphalt mixing equipment.

6. Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption refers to the weight of fuel consumed by the burner on the drying drum in producing 1 ton of qualified finished materials.

6. Emission Indicators

heating tank of asphalt plant.jpgThe environmental protection emission indexes of asphalt mix plant has two aspects: one is is the pollutant emission concentration, and the other is the blackness of pollutant emissions. In China, the emission concentration of asphalt mixing equipment is <100mg/Nm3, the blackness of flue gas emission does not exceed Lingerman blackness level I.

7. Measurement Accuracy

Asphalt mixture is designed strictly according to the ratio of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives. Therefore, controlling the measurement accuracy of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives is the guarantee of the quality of asphalt mixture.

According to national standards, the measurement accuracy of asphalt mixing plant is divided into static and dynamic measurement accuracy. No matter what type of asphalt mixing plant you use, its measurement accuracy should be consistent.

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