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Three Main Types of Concrete Mixers

Nov 21, 2019

The concrete mixers used on the construction site is generally divided into self-falling type and compulsory type. At present, most people choose the compulsory concrete mixers. It has better mixing quality and higher efficiency, especially for dry hard concrete and light-weight aggregate concrete.

According to their working principle, compulsory concrete mixers has three types: single shaft concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer, planetary mixer.

JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer.jpgThe single shaft mixer is a JDC series concrete mixer, which is generally purchased for their own engineering use. The twin shaft mixer can be used independently or as a host of concrete batching plant, therefore it has a wider application.

At present, twin shaft mix batching plant is the mainstream of the concrete mixing equipment industry. It can realize even mixing effect by applying shearing force to the materials and then make themselves act on each other.

planetary mixers.jpgHaomei twin shaft concrete mixers has complete models with capacity from 0.5m3 to 4 m3/h. As a host of concrete batching plant, it is of one-button operation, saving cost and labor.

Planetary mixer is another kind of the compulsory concrete mixer. When the concrete planetary mixer mixes the materials, the multilevel blade do the rotation and revolution movement at the same time, which can mix materials evenly and makes it easy to scrape material sticking on the inwall.

As a professional concrete mixer manufacturers,no matter which kind you need, we have rich models for you to choose. And according to your need, we can recommend the right one for you.

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