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The Scale, Location and Installation of Stationary Concrete Plant

Jun 17, 2020

Before choose location, we should first decide the scale of the stationary concrete plant. It can be determined according to the quantity of concrete required by the construction projects and the construction capacity of the contractor.

The concrete mixing plant generally takes its production capacity as the equipment model. For example, the output of HZS150 concrete batching plant is 150 m3/h.While fully satisfying the engineering tasks, the production capacity of the equipment should reach the concrete demand during the peak construction period.

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The location of the concrete batching plant should satisfy the following demands:

1. The geological condition is good. The foundation bearing capacity meets the requirements.

2. The site is open and flat, avoiding high-voltage lines, underground optical cables, power supply and communication cables.

3. The concrete transportation distance is close and the transportation is convenient.

4. The raw materials are abundant and the supply capacity can meet the construction demand.

5. There is sufficient water source and convenient access to electricity. The site should be far away from residential areas.

After the site selection work is completed, the site should be leveled first. A measuring instrument is used to collect the site outline and help make sure plane coordinate system. The mixing plant and the layout plan are arranged reasonably according to the actual situation of the site (1:1 scale CAD format).

Nested the "Concrete Mixing Plant Foundation Plan"provided by the manufacturer into the layout plan of the mixing plant, accurately catching the basic contour points and the reserved bolt hole center coordinates of the concrete mixer, conveying system and batching system. Use the instrument to accurately determine the location and size of the foundation of different parts.

A complete concrete batching plant also needs concrete mixer truck to transport the concrete to the construction sites. When you calculate the concrete batch plant cost, don’t forget this point. Haomei Machinery also has professional people to help you save investment cost if you choose to buy stationary concrete batching plant from us.

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