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The Small Concrete Mixer And Pump for Coal Mine

Nov 26, 2020

The small concrete mixer and pump can be used for the coal mine construction, which can greatly improve the conveying efficiency of concrete. Since it is used to pump concrete , the pumping effect is very important.

The quality of concrete has always been a concern of the majority of construction workers. In order to ensure good concrete quality, some related issues need to be paid attention to during the construction process. Then what factors will affect the construction effect of the portable concrete mixer with pump?

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1. Improper amount of materials

Insufficient reinforcement in construction is a very important issue leading to concrete quality. If the reinforcement spacing is large and the reinforcement ratio is small, it may be easy to cause cracks in the concrete components or even quality problems in the wall and ceiling.

In addition, if wood formwork and bamboo strip formwork are used in construction, the cement slurry will be lost and the cementation capacity between sand and stone will decrease.

2. The operation is not strict

In the construction operation, if the construction workers don’t take action timely after the pouring of concrete mixer machine and pump and the water ash is relatively small, it is likely to cause the poured concrete to appear loose, with bubbles or holes inside.

Besides, the lack of concrete curing may also cause the cement in the concrete to lack water for consolidation and cannot be fully hydrated. The overall quality of the concrete decreases, which greatly reduces the strength of the concrete.

3. Poor construction management

It can also lead to concrete problems. There are few management personnel during the construction, which causes the cement to be damp or stored for too long, which reduces the strength of the cement or the steel rusts because of the rain.

In addition to getting a quality concrete mixer pump for sale, Haomei Machinery also suggest that pay attention to the whole construction process and strengthen the management. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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