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What Is The Power of Concrete Mixing Pump

Nov 26, 2020

The concrete mixer pump trailer factory features small power, compact structure, convenient movement and low cost. Its power has 30KW, 37KW, 45KW, 55KW,etc., which is very suitable for house building of 5-10 floors in towns and countries.

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The concrete mixing pump has concrete mixing and pumping in one. With excellent structure and reasonable layout, it saves a lot of costs and time. In addition, it has a strong and powerful pressure for pumping concrete and a high and low pressure conversion device, which can adapt to higher requirements.

Compared with trailer line pump, the concrete mixing pump is of better performance, more stable operation, more reliable transmission, lower failure rate and longer life. It also has higher working efficiency and faster discharging efficiency, which can effectively improve construction efficiency. Its mixing quality can meet the commercial concrete quality.

This concrete mixer pump trailer can be divided into diesel and electrical concrete mixing pump. In the case of insufficient power, the diesel concrete mixer pump can work normally without access to electricity, which prevents the problem of delaying the construction period when the power fails. If there is sufficient electricity, the electrical concrete mixing pump is a more economic solution.

The design of the concrete mixing pump integrates economy, reliability, safety and durability, with good maneuverability and high equipment utilization. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete mixer pump machine price.

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