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The Technical Parameters of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

May 12, 2021

Since hot mix asphalt plant is a big equipment with large investment, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of it before buying. It is difficult for the asphalt mixing plant to achieve 100% reliability. The international best level is generally determined to be about 85%.

At the same time, due to the high complexity and the long on-site installation and commissioning cycle, considerate after-sale service is also very important. Haomei Machinery has been required to pay attention to the whole process before, during, and after, delivery, basic construction, installation and commissioning, acceptance, as well as the warranty period and later attention, and communicate with users in a timely manner.

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The Main Economic and Technical Indicator of Hot Mix Plant for Road Construction

Rated production capacity: the production capacity that should be reached per hour under the rated production conditions. Rated production status is the most economical production status. Overproduction or insufficient output will lead to an increase in production cost.

Due to the different use conditions, environment, raw materials, and production parameters, it is difficult to find a situation that fully meets the rated production conditions, so the real production capacity will also fluctuate.

Fuel consumption rate: standard amount of the light oil fuel required per ton of asphalt mixture under rated production conditions. The actual fuel consumption rate mainly depends on the following factors: drum design, dust removal system design, water content of aggregate, and combustion effect of the burner.

Haomei dryer drum features good combustion effect and low fuel consumption, which can save a lot of fuel costs.

Overall power: the sum of the power of all electrical devices that make up the equipment. Generally, the operation power will not exceed 80% of the total.

Maximum noise in the environment: The result of the test at a distance of 30 meters from the maximum noise source of the equipment, the allowable standard is 85 decibels.

Dust emission concentration: The detection of the exhaust gas from the chimney of the hot mix plant for road construction should be no more than 100mg/m3 under standard atmospheric pressure.

Reliability index: National standards stipulate that equipment reliability should be greater than 85%. That means the actual operational working days per month should reach 25.5 days. That is a high standard that many asphalt mixing plant manufacturers can’t reach, but Haomei Machinery can make it.

Service life of wear-resistant parts: It refers to the service life of blades, liners and mixing shaft. The standard stipulates no less than 50,000 batches. Haomei asphalt mixer can achieve over 100,000 batches. It will not need replacing in 2-3 years. Welcome to leave message below to inquire asphalt mixing plant price.

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