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How to Choose Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

May 07, 2021

There are different types of hot mix asphalt plants such as batch type, drum type, stationary type and mobile type. How to choose a suitable one according to your road projects? Generally, if it is used to build high-grade roads such as express way, normal highway, national way,,etc, we choose batch mix asphalt plant; if it is for town way or country road, asphalt drum mix plant is enough.

After fixing the basic type, we need to consider how large we need. The general capacity is 60t/h-160 t/h. If you want larger one or smaller one, welcome to contact us directly. Different configurations will affect the whole price and your daily operation cost.

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For example, you need to consider which kind of fuel you want to use. There are diesel, heavy coil, natural gas and coal for you to choose from for heating asphalt. Will you need the finished product storage silo? What kinds of dust collecting system that you want to adopt? What kinds of bitumen heating system that you want to adopt?

When you have the answers for those questions, the basic model of asphalt mixing plant will be clear for you. In fact, a reliable asphalt mixing plant manufacturer can help you choose a proper one. Haomei Machinery is one of the big asphalt mixing pant manufacturers in China.

In addition to the professional, considerate and timely response to your questions, its equipment quality is also very superior. Its walking platform is galvanized and rust-proof. We use CNC cutting machine to ensure cutting accuracy.

Haomei Machinery also has complete set of raw material processing equipment, shearing machine, bending machine, rolling machine etc. In order to improve the pain adhesion to the metal surface, we use the automatic shot blasting machine to reprocess its surface.

We also have resistance furnace, high frequency furnace and other heat treatment equipment to improve the mechanical properties of the gear, mixer shaft and steel parts. We have the strict calculation of mixer liner position and mixer thickness. Drying tube lining board adopts HARDOX imported Swedish steel.

Haomei Machinery has rich models of stationary asphalt plant and portable asphalt plant. Welcome to leave message below to inquire asphalt mixing plant price.

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