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Two Types of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Jun 21, 2023

In the development of the construction industry, one material is often used - asphalt. When asphalt is used, it needs to be processed with asphalt mixing plant mini. There are two types: asphalt drum mix plant and batch type asphalt plant.

The asphalt drum mix plant has the advantages of low cost and convenient operation. So most projects will choose this equipment. The asphalt batching plant has strong power and good asphalt quality. It can be stirred quantitatively and the quality of the finished product is relatively stable.

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Main technical parameters of hot mix asphalt plant

1. Standard working conditions

The standard working condition of asphalt mixing equipment refers to the working condition that the ambient temperature is 20°C, the standard atmospheric pressure, the average water content of cold aggregate is 5%, the temperature of hot aggregate is 160°C, the cycle time is 45s, and the finished product is medium-sized.

2. Design capacity

The design capacity of asphalt mixing equipment mainly refers to the capacity of the mixing drum, which is mainly batch type. The capacity of batch type asphalt plant varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but basically there are 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 4000kg.

3. Working period

The productivity of asphalt mixing plant depends on the capacity and duty cycle of the mixing drum. The duty cycle refers to the time difference from the discharge of the mixing cylinder to the next discharge. Under standard working conditions, it is generally 45 seconds. However, with the continuous asphalt drum mix plant, there is no duty cycle.

4. Productivity

Productivity refers to the output per hour of asphalt mixing equipment under standard working conditions. For batch asphalt mixing equipment, the production capacity of the equipment is calibrated at the rated production rate.

5. Installed power

Installed power refers to the total rated power of all electrical equipment of a set of asphalt batching plant.

6. Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption refers to the weight of fuel consumed by the burner on the drying cylinder when producing 1 ton of qualified finished materials.

7. Emission index

The environmental emission indicators of asphalt mixing plants are divided into two aspects. One is the pollutant discharge concentration, and the other is the pollutant discharge blackness.

8. Measurement accuracy

The asphalt mixture is designed strictly according to the ratio of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives. Therefore, controlling the metering accuracy of aggregate, asphalt, mineral powder and additives is the guarantee of the composition quality of asphalt mixture. According to national standards, the measurement accuracy of asphalt mixing equipment is divided into static measurement accuracy and dynamic measurement accuracy. No matter what kind of asphalt mixing equipment it is, its measurement accuracy should be consistent. Haomei Machinery is a batch type asphalt plant and asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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