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What Are Advantage of Stabilized Soil Mixing Station

Apr 20, 2021

In road construction, a wide variety of base and subbase materials will be used, including stabilized soil, lime soil, graded gravel, etc., as the bearing layer of the road, and the quality of the road base material directly affects the quality and performance of the road surface.

Haomei stabilized soil mixing station is specially designed to respond to the production requirements of large-volume, high-standard, continuous stabilized oil production. It uses a double-shaft continuous mixer and a continuous batching machine. The capacity is up to 800 t/h.

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It is of a fully automatic control system, which can produce different roadbed materials according to the formula of different materials. According to different customer requirements, Haomei soil cement plant can be stationary or mobile type. There are some its advantages:

1. The double horizontal shaft continuous mixer, designed without liner, is of high mixing efficiency and strong wear resistance. The patented mixing shaft installation technology for quick disassembly and assembly contributes to short installation period.

2. The precise cement weighing system solves the problem that the cement conveying speed is affected by the amount of cement in the silo.

3. The high-precision modular continuous batching system is of large production volume and low error, which can dynamically increase or decrease aggregate bins according to production requirements.

4. The fully automatic control system can realize automatic production without t manual intervention.

As a stabilized soil mixing plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has complete models and different types. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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