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What Is The Function of Soil Cement Plant

Apr 20, 2021

The road construction consists of four layers: surface layer, base layer, subbase layer, and cushion layer. The stabilized soil layer is under the pavement, which is made of graded crushed stone mixed with 3-5% cement. Concrete or asphalt layer can be built on the stabilized soil, then we get concrete road or asphalt road.

It can be said that no matter which road you like to build, the stabilized soil layer is necessary. It has a certain degree of bending resistance and load-bearing capacity, and is often used as the base layer.

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The mix ratio should be tested in the laboratory in advance to determine the cement content and the ratio of coarse and fine aggregates, as well as the maximum dry density. Then a soil cement plant is used to fully mix them.

The soil cement mixing plant is a special mechanical equipment for mixing stabilized soil in highway construction. Its working model is generally continuous mixing, so the coordination of different parts is also very important. The capacity is from 200 ton to 800 ton per hour.

The customer had better choose an equipment with a large capacity that is 10% to 20% higher than the current demand capacity. One is for meeting some urgent construction needs, the other is for the future capacity expansion.

The performance of the Haomei soil cement plant is state-of-art and its degree of automation is high. The stabilized soil mixing plant price of different models varies a lot. Welcome to leave message below to tell us your need.

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