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What Are Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

May 16, 2022

In order to ensure the capacity of the asphalt mixing plant satisfying the need of road projects, the construction contractor must pay attention to the different types of asphalt plants. In addition the handling methods of the asphalt mixing plant are also different.

If the asphalt mixing plant needs to transfer between different construction sites, the mobile asphalt mixing plant should be used. If the site does not need to be replaced, the stationary asphalt mixing plant can meet the application needs.

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1. Stationary asphalt plant

This is the most commonly used transportation method. It can well coordinate other related processes. In a short time, the entire process can run efficiently and smoothly.

2. Semi-fixed

Compared with the previous one, this one is more flexible. In this way, the asphalt mixing plant can be used with more equipment when it is semi-fixed.

3. Mobile asphalt batch plant

This is the most flexible way of handling the asphalt mixing plant. It can be moved together to another site. It is quick to reinstall. Lets have a look of its advantages:

1. The modular design makes handling and installation faster and more convenient.

2. The unique design of the mixing blades and the mixing cylinder driven by the very power make the mixing easier and more reliable.

3. The vibrating screen driven by the imported vibrating motor greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

4. The bag dust collector is placed above the drum to reduce heat loss and save space and fuel.

5. The built-in structure at the bottom of the silo greatly reduces the floor area of the equipment, and at the same time the lifting space of the small lane for finished materials is canceled, reducing the equipment failure rate.

6. It adopts dual-machine automatic control computer/manual control system, with automatic fault diagnosis program, which is simple and safe to operate.

As one of the big mobile asphalt plant manufacturers, Haomei Machinery has different types and rich models of mobile asphalt plants like mobile asphalt drum plant and portable asphalt batch type plant. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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