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What Are Advantages of Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump

Oct 24, 2022

There are different types of concrete pumps, including mobile concrete mixer with pump, concrete pump trailer, truck mounted concrete line pump, concrete boom pump. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the key to their selection lies in the construction site project.

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Concrete mixer with pump

The mobile concrete mixing pump can complete the entire construction process with very few manpower, which saves time and effort, and is an indispensable good helper in rural construction because it can both mix and pump. The mixing pump has low investment cost, high income, energy saving and environmental protection.

The concrete mixer pump has the characteristics of reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, convenient operation and accurate measurement, which belongs to slope protection construction, tunnel construction, highway bridge construction, residential construction, rural roads, canals, culverts and other projects.

Concrete pump trailer

Since it doesn't have a chassis, it can't walk alone, but it has tires that can be tractored to work. Compared with concrete pump truck, its operating cost is relatively low, but the disadvantage is that the transportation speed is relatively slow.

Application scope

1. Small and medium-sized construction projects, including township civil buildings, new rural construction, township cement pavement, etc.

2. Projects such as mines, highways, railways, tunnels and culverts.

3. Slope care, small and medium reservoirs and water conservancy and hydropower projects.

4. Other small and medium-sized outdoor or field operations.

Concrete Boom pump

It has its own booms, so concrete can be transported without laying pipes. The concrete boom pump truck features flexible operation and quick moving speed. However, compared with other concrete pumps, the maintenance and use costs are relatively high, but due to the height limitation of operation, there are many requirements on the construction site.

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