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What Is A Containerized Concrete Plant

Nov 01, 2022

Containerized concrete plant is a new type of batching plant. It consists of mixing system, control system, material storage system, weighing system, conveying system, etc. In addition, the container mixing plant also has the characteristics of small footprint, fast installation and convenient transportation.

Compared with traditional concrete batching plants, containerized batching plants do not require outriggers and mounting brackets, eliminating the need for basic design and construction. The container concrete batching plant has excellent environmental performance, convenient transportation and simple installation. It is applicable to the construction of hydropower, highways, ports, airports, bridges, etc.

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Its main way to make a profit is the sale of ready-made concrete. It is also a kind of stationary concrete batching plant. It is usually stationed in one place for a long time and will produce a large amount of concrete in one place. Stationary concrete batching plants usually have more space for maintenance near the mixing unit or weighing hopper.

Among the parameters of a concrete batching plant, there is a very important item called theoretical productivity, which is the most intuitive reflection of the production capacity of a batching plant. Theoretical productivity has also become the main method for customers to purchase batching plants and distinguish between different models. But what we should notice is that the practical capacity is usually lower than the theoretical productivity.

With the improvement of the concrete quality requirements of the project, the measurement accuracy of the concrete batching plant is also getting higher and higher, and the stationary concrete batching plant for sale needs to satisfy this point.

Whether it is the weighing of aggregates, powders or water agents, the weighing, control and signal conversion components of the Haomei containerized concrete plant are all imported components. High-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, single weighing or cumulative weighing of each scale, fully guarantee the accuracy of measurement and stable performance.

The configuration of the mixing plant determines the price of the mixing station. The specific configuration of the batching plant depends on the actual needs of customers in terms of product specifications, output and applications. Haomei Machinery can customize a reasonable and economical stationary concrete batching plant for sale.

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