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What Is The Use of Cement Feeding Pump

Oct 24, 2022

The cement feeding pump is a small pumping device but plays in important role in improving whole concrete plant’s working efficiency. It is a pneumatic conveying device with advanced structure. It adopts the fluidized pressure feeding technology, therefore its blowing and uploading efficiency is very high.

The cement feeder is suitable for conveying non-viscous or small granular materials such as cement, grain and fly ash. The discharge port joint adopts the quick joint of the bulk cement truck, which is convenient to cooperate with the cement truck to realize alternate feeding, and its key parts and accessories can be interchanged with the bulk cement truck, which brings great convenience to the user's use and maintenance.

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The vertical cement silo feeder has large capacity, high volume utilization, convenient installation and adjustment, compact structure, light weight, easy operation and convenient transfer. It is less restricted by terrain. Many customers buy it for the cement silos. How to maintain vertical cement silo?

Once ash comes out of the pressure safety valve on the top of the cement silo, the safety valve and the surrounding powder should be cleaned in time to prevent the powder from agglomerating in the rain and the safety valve will fail. A comprehensive cleaning and inspection of the safety valve is carried out every six months.

When the mixing station is not in production, the control power supply of the electric box of the vertical cement silo should be turned off to avoid damage to the material level gauge due to long-term work. Once the level gauge is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If the level gauge (especially the upper level gauge) is damaged and not repaired, it is generally not possible to transport powder to the cement silo to avoid safety accidents.

The material level gauge should be removed every six months for cleaning, and the accumulated material on the rotating blade of the material level machine and the accumulated material on the mounting seat should be cleaned up.

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