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What Are Advantages of Small Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

Dec 29, 2020

In one of our surveys, more customers consider to buy a small mobile concrete batch plant. Why is it so popular, especially in today’s situation? Lets have a look together.

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In many remote mountainous regions, it is difficult for the large transportation vehicles to enter. The small mobile concrete batch plant only needs a vehicle of 9.6 meters or 13.5 meters for transportation, saving transportation trouble and cost.


All the main parts including concrete mixer, hopper, feeding and conveying and finished product discharge are all installed on the chassis, which can be installed in place in less than half a day.

Application scope

It is suitable for all the long line projects or the projects with scattered construction projects such a railway project. The output of portable concrete plant ranges from 25 to 75 m3/h. All the projects with a concrete demand within this range can choose it.


Although it has a simple structure, its main parts has same performance and efficiency as the stationary concrete plant. The portable concrete plant also uses twin shaft concrete mixer as the mixing host. We also have automatic or semi-automatic control system for you to choose from.

Quick transfer

Since it is of easy assembly and disassembly, it can realize quick transfer in half a day. As a China mobile concrete batching plant factory, Haomei Machinery keeps optimizing its structure. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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