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What Are Features of Mobile Drum Mix Plant

Sep 14, 2021

Compared with batch type asphalt plant, the mobile drum mix plant eliminates the screening, storage, and measurement of hot aggregate, and the heat dissipation area from the drum outlet to the mixing tank outlet is reduced by 85%.

The discharge temperature of the drum can be reduced by about 10°C. The power of aggregate lifting is reduced by 50%, powder lifting is eliminated, and there is no vibrating screen and electric hoist. Without the hot silo and hot aggregate weighing scale, the power of the air compressor is reduced by 30%. For the whole machine, the power saving is about 15%.

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Aggregate measurement

1. TM patented technology accurately and continuously weighs the aggregate flow.

2. The control system automatically adjusts the asphalt flow rate according to the aggregate flow rate and the bitumen-stone ratio parameter set in the system, so as to realize the precise control of the bitumen-stone ratio.

3. It can automatically calibrate the scale.

4. After testing, the dynamic measurement accuracy can reach within ±1.5.

Asphalt metering

Through the TM patented technology, the online calibration of the asphalt flow rate can be realized during the normal operation of the equipment. It has high calibration efficiency, and does not affect the operation of the equipment.

Powder metering

Through the TM patented technology of Haomei continuous asphalt mixing plant, the online calibration of the metering screw can be realized during the normal operation of the equipment.

High mixing uniformity

Two sets of compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer finishes the whole mixing process. With full mixing, it can reach high mixing uniformity. The opening of the discharge door is adjustable. The specially set mixing blade arrangement can be quickly adjusted according to the characteristics of the actual production mixture.

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