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The Design of Moveable Concrete Batching Plant

Sep 22, 2021

In recent years, with the huge increase of the infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, moveable concrete batching plants have been rapidly promoted due to their convenient movement, high degree of automation, flexible installation, and maximum proximity to the construction site.

The moveable concrete batching plant integrates a weighing system, a mixing system, a conveying system and a control system on a trailer unit. The movement of the mobile concrete batch plant can be realized at any time by the traction of the trailer. It can starts working as soon as it starts working.

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The portable concrete plant also chooses JS twin-shaft mixer, PLD batching machine and an automatic control system that can be folded during transportation. For dry, semi-dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete, good mixing can be achieved.

With its special structure design, in addition to external equipment such as cement silos and screw conveyors, other components can run directly on the trailer. Each disassembly and assembly can be completed quickly with the cooperation of a 30-ton crane. During installation, the ground only needs to be flat and firm. No foundation is required, so it can be put into production quickly.

According to the different functions of the parts and components of the mobile concrete batching plant, it is divided into two major modules, functional and general parts. Among them, the main steel frame, the basic load-bearing component of the mobile mixing plant, has been universally designed, so that the main steel frame can be applied to various types of YHZS mobile concrete plant.

Whether the main steel frame is stable and reliable is related to the safe production of the entire mixing plant. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to analyze its mechanical properties. Haomei Machinery has optimized the moveable concrete plant to achieve the design goals, and to provide technical guarantee for the safe production of the mobile concrete mixing plant. Welcome to leave message to inquire the mobile concrete batching plant price.

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