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What Are Features of Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Jun 08, 2023

Compared with traditional concrete on-site mixing, ready mixed concrete mixing plant has the characteristics of improving the stability and reliability of concrete quality, greatly reducing noise and dust pollution, effectively saving resources and recycling resources, and meeting the needs of high-strength and special-performance concrete.

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It is ultimate development direction of all mechanical equipment, and stationary RMC plant is no exception. At present, most manufacturers have invested a lot in this area, but it can only be said that they are still in a relatively low state of intelligence.

High precision

It mainly refers to the measurement accuracy of aggregates, cement, water and admixtures. At present, there is still a lot of room for improvement in accuracy. Only by improving the metering accuracy can high-strength concrete with higher grades be produced. How to improve the accuracy of the metering device is a problem worth exploring.


The standardization of mixing plants is the ultimate development direction. Standardization can fundamentally reduce product costs and save a lot of energy resources.

Environmental protection

We can improve the concrete batching plant’s environmental protection from dust, noise and pollution. All powdery materials are carried out in a closed state from feeding, batching, metering, feeding to stirring and discharging.

The noise can be reduced by improving the performance of the main engine, building a closed concrete mixing station and adopting materials such as sound insulation boards. In terms of ollution, it needs to be carried out in various ways, such as the construction of wastewater sedimentation tanks and the second use of aggregates.


With the further improvement of infrastructure in many countries, the demand for concrete will be reduced to a large extent in the case of relatively reduced urban construction. From a long-term perspective, small and medium-sized central mix concrete plant is a possible development direction.

High automatic degree

The degree of automation is the main symbol reflecting the technical level of a RMC plant. Most of its control systems are relatively advanced and stable at present, and the degree of automation is generally high, and they can be fully automatic for long-term uninterrupted continuous production.

The operation platform and computer monitoring in the control room can vividly reflect the entire production process and the situation of each part, such as the cement storage situation in the cement silo, the aggregate storage in the aggregate silo, the transportation of aggregates and the discharge of concrete, etc. Once there is a problem in a certain part, it can be found in the shortest time and solved in time.

High reliability

It is normal for a central mix concrete plant to produce 10,000 cubic meters of concrete continuously. The performance of its key components such as main engine, screw conveyor, main control and pneumatic components has been quite stable. The sealing form adopts a unique multiple sealing or airtight, which greatly improves the reliability of the concrete mixer.

For places that are often impacted and easy to wear, such as unloading hoppers, transition hoppers, etc., are reinforced inside with wear-resistant steel plates; the joints of the ring belt are vulcanized and bonded, and the service life is three times longer than that of ordinary steel riveting. This is a prerequisite to ensure its high reliability.

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