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Single Shaft VS Double Shaft Mixer

Jun 05, 2023

In the compulsory concrete mixer, the industry users first came into contact with twin shaft concrete mixer and single shaft mixer. These two models occupy a certain position in their respective fields due to their own features. We’d like to make comparison of these two kinds of concrete mixers to let you make a right choice.

For the double shaft mixer, its two mixing shafts carry out opposite circular motions respectively, coupled with the effect of two shafts’ agitation, leading to high mixing intensity. The single-shaft mixer completes the mixing work through a horizontally installed mixing shaft in the mixing drum. Its mixing way during the stirring operation is similar to that of a twin-shaft mixer, which produces axial and radial effects on the circular motion of the material. Compared with this, it is obvious that the single-shaft mixer has weaker stirring efficiency and stirring quality than the twin shaft concrete mixer.

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The structure of the twin-shaft mixer is similar to that of the single-shaft mixer in many respects, but due to the design of the twin-shaft, the performance of this equipment is significantly better than that of the single-shaft mixer. The transmission system of the twin-shaft mixer is being continuously improved and developed, and the operation is more stable, and the noise of the equipment is small.

The twin shaft mixer works with multiple horizontal shafts to produce cutting, extrusion, turning and other rich action forms on the material. On the contrary, the function of the single-shaft mixer is slightly single. The unloading method of the single-shaft mixer is not as flexible as that of the twin-shaft mixer.

Models of twin shaft mixer

JS500 concrete mixer is suitable for hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, and can also mix fluid concrete. It is a multi-functional mixing machine, suitable for high-quality concrete mixing operations. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as the mixing host of the HZS25 concrete batching machine.

JS750 double shaft mixer has a rated output capacity of 0.75 cubic meters of concrete each time. It has many advantages such as uniform mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation and short cycle time. It is suitable for various small and medium-sized construction projects. It can mix dry hard, plastic, fluid and lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars.

JS1500 concrete mixer has a rated output capacity of 1 cubic meter of concrete each time. It is mostly used as the mixing host of the HZS50 and HZS60 concrete mixing plant. It is a popular twin-shaft mixer model both at home and abroad. It adopts an oil-free shaft end sealing system and a pressurized upper cover drainage system, bringing better mixing performance and longer service life. If you look for a better twin shaft mixer with enough budget, we recommend Sicoma twin shaft mixer for you.

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