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What Are Models of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Malaysia

Mar 08, 2023

Generally speaking, customers can choose the models of commercial concrete batching plant from the local market. If the customers has a wide range of resources, and the site and capital can also afford it, then he/she can consider investing in large and medium-sized batching plant to recover the investment as soon as possible and realize the benefits.

If the customer is greatly affected by the site and the market, and the future investment income is so guaranteed, the customer can invest in small concrete mixing plant. Moreover, the price of small concrete mixing plants is relatively cheap, usually tens of thousands of dollars.

The large concrete batching plant is more stable with high technology and high configuration, featuring powerful function and convenient operation. It generally refer to concrete mixing equipment with an hourly concrete output of more than 60 cubic meters. Common models include HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240, and double-station.


Theoretical hourly output(m3)

Yearly output(200days)(m3)

HZS 90



HZS 120



HZS 180



HZS 240



Take HZS120 stationary concrete batching plant for example. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and strong work reliability. This device can be used for roads, high -speed railway, water conservancy, bridge, port terminal, real estate, submarine tunnel, subway, artificial reclamation, infrastructure, commercial mixing and other key areas.

HZS120 stationary concrete batching plant.jpg

It adopts JS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer and the batching machine is PLD3200 type. The entire equipment production line includes concrete mixer, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, control room,etc.

The theoretical production capacity of the HZS20 mixing station is 120 m/h (the work cycle is 60s, and 2 cubic meters is discharged per batch). In actual work, the mixing station will not repeatedly mixing for it has to for the scheduling of the concrete mixer truck and the operation of the operator.

If the mixed concrete labels are different, the volume of the finished concrete will be different, therefore volume the actual mixing and discharge cannot be guaranteed. According to statistics, the actual production capacity of the HZS120 mixing station is about 100 cubic/h.

If the working hours are 8 hours a day, the daily output of the HZS120 commercial concrete batching plant is 800 cubic. If the working hours are 10 hours a day, the daily output of the HZS120 commercial concrete batching plant is 1000 cubic. If the working days of the whole year are 300 days, the yearly output is 240,000-300,000 cubic meter. Which model of batching plant Malaysia do you need? Welcome to consult us directly.

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