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Portable Cement Silo: A Good Match of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Mar 13, 2023

Portable concrete batch plant for rent has rich models: YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75. The theoretical productivity is 25-75m3/h. It is suitable for temporary projects that often need to change the working place, such as roads, railways, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects in mobile construction. The mobile concrete mixing plant not only has all the performances of the stationary concrete batching plant, but also has the same operation mode and maintenance

The difference is that all the main unites of the portable concrete batching plant are fixed to a chassis with axles and wheels. When this chassis is pulled by a tractor, the mobile concrete batching plant can be easily transported to another construction sites.

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Buyers of mobile mixing plants generally have two purposes, one is to undertake temporary projects for concrete production for their own use, and the other is to rent out the mobile mixing plant due to its good mobility and convenience. Portable concrete mixing plants are often seen in temporary projects like roads with long engineering lines, high-speed rail projects, and projects with insufficient construction space.

To further improve its mobility, the portable cement silo, also called horizontal cement silo comes in to being in response to market demand. Many users who have limited space and need to move frequently choose horizontal cement silos.

The horizontal cement silo is equipped with a cement discharge port and a screw conveyor at the bottom, which can be conveniently discharged and transported. Compared with the traditional vertical cement silo, the horizontal cement silo has lower requirements on the foundation, which can be directly placed on the ground, and can be easily transported by truck without disassembly.

Now the portable cement silo has 10 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 70 tons, 80 tons, 90 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons and so on. The horizontal cement silo is an integrated cement silo. It can be transported below 100 tons, and the cement silo above 100 tons needs to be manufactured on site.

When transporting, the height and width of the portable cement silo should not exceed the limit, a 6-meter car can be transported, and the cement silo can be reused many times. After installation, the overall height is low, and the overall length is suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, and bentonite in the corridor. The cement is blown into the storage bin by the wind through the feeding pipe. With the increase of the pressure in the bin, the gas in the bin is filtered by the dust removal device and then discharged from the air outlet, and the mixed cement in the gas is left in the cement bin. The operation is simple, safe and basically pollution-free.

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