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What Are The Features of Planetary Concrete Mixer

Apr 10, 2020

The planetary concrete mixer can fully mix the materials and improve the uniformity of the concrete. It is of new dual-shaft structure, contributes to less gap distance between the shaft and the mixing cylinder, thus effectively reducing the residue of materials.

With overall reasonable structure design, beautiful appearance and wear-resistant manufacturing material, the industrial planetary mixer is getting more attention in recent years. The features of planetary mixer:

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1. The equipment has low energy consumption and quick mixing speed, saving time and effort.

2. The equipment is easy to feed, and the equipment model ranges from 330L to 3000L, which can meet the requirements of various engineering quantities.

3. Its unrivaled mixing performance can greatly can improve production efficiency and concrete quality.

4. The equipment has low requirements on the environment, and it is easy to set up when using it.

5. The equipment is made of high wear-resistant materials, which is firm and durable.

6. The sealed structural design can ensure that the concrete will not overflow during operation.

Since it is so powerful, the counter-current mixers are widely used in major projects, especially in the construction industry, highways, railways, bridges,etc. The high-end concrete produced by it meets the increasing higher requirements for the construction quality.

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