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What Are The Features of ready mix concrete batching plant

May 19, 2021

The ready mix concrete batching plant is often used to produce wet concrete, that is, ready-mixed concrete. Ready mix concrete is a kind of concrete mixer which consists of cement, aggregate, water and additive and is mixed according to a certain ratio in concrete batching plant.

In recent years, ready mix concrete has become the new favorite of the construction industry due to its low cost and excellent performance. Therefore, more and more ready mix concrete plants spring up. The output of the RMC plant for sale ranges from 25m³/h to 480m³/h. Its configuration can be customized according to customer needs, and the RMC plant cost varies depending on the configuration.

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1. Environmental Protection

Compared with the traditional mixing technology on the construction site, it reduces dust, noise, sewage and other pollution,thus improving the working and living environment of urban residents.

2. Stable Quality

Since the ready mix concrete batching plant is specially designed to produce concrete, it is of advanced equipment, large output, even mixing effect and short mixing period.

The production personnel have relatively rich experience, and realize all-weather production, and the quality is more stable and reliable than the concrete mixed on the construction site, which improves the quality of the project.

3. Advanced Technology

The on-site concrete mixing facilities is generally temporary, which is of poor condition, unstable raw material quality and low measuring accuracy. Therefore, the quality is difficult to meet the needs of high performance and multi-functionality of concrete.

The production of commercial concrete is concentrated, large-scale, easy to manage, and can realize various requirements of construction engineering structure design, which is conducive to the popularization and application of new technologies and new materials.

4. Short Construction Period

The large-scale commercial production and transportation not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly speeds up the construction schedule, significantly shortening the construction period. Welcome to leave message below to inquire RMC plant for sale.

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