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What Are The Main Parts of Small RMC Plant

Dec 02, 2020

The ready mix concrete refers to the concentrate mixed concrete for commercial sale. Its quality is more stable than that of on-site mixed concrete. It is conducive to saving cement, environment protection and the application of new technologies.

With the development of the construction industry, large-scale projects, high-rise buildings and new construction methods spring up. They have higher and stricter requirements for the quality of concrete. That’s why we recommend ready mix concrete plant for sale.

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In the whole process of ready-mixed concrete production, transportation and construction, quality management and control should be at the center, and all aspects must be fully guaranteed.

The small RMC plant cover three parts: raw material storage, raw material measurement and concrete mixing:

1. The process layout of ready-mixed concrete production is mainly determined by the form of the raw material metering system (especially the aggregate metering).

2. Its basic components are: feeding system, metering system, mixing system, electrical system and auxiliary equipment (such as air compressor, water pump, etc.), It is used to complete the transportation, loading, storage, batching, weighing, mixing and discharging of concrete raw materials.

3. The metering system is the core of ready-mixed concrete production. According to national standards, the weight method is usually used in the production of ready-mixed concrete. The measurement accuracy directly affects the quality of ready-mixed concrete, and the measurement speed directly affects the production capacity of ready mix concrete plant.

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