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What Are The Models of Planetary Concrete Mixer for Sale

Nov 27, 2023

The planetary concrete mixer uses a proven planetary mixing system to achieve very dense mixing of various aggregates with finer materials such as cement and fly ash in a very short time. By using a planetary mixer, the mixing quality will be greatly improved and a better product will be produced in the end.

The planetary concrete mixer for sale have been fully used in major fields such as cement and construction in recent years. The production of related products such as cement products, concrete precast parts, and high-performance concrete is indispensable for the use of this equipment.

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The emergence of concrete vertical planetary mixers has brought many advantages to industry production. The improvement of mixing quality and mixing efficiency has brought industry production to a new stage; automated and reliable production allows users to experience the advantages of high-quality manufacturing. During the use of the concrete planetary mixer, users also understand what it means to be worry-free and labor-saving - the accessories are durable and the maintenance is simple.

Main parts

The concrete mixer mainly consists of mixing system, water supply system, feeding system, unloading system and electrical system.

1. The mixing system is mainly composed of motors, reducers, gears, mixing drums, mixing devices, oil supply devices and other accessories.

2. The water supply system is mainly composed of water pumps, throttle valves, cleaning devices, spray devices and other accessories. The throttle valve can be driven by a cylinder or hydraulic pressure to adjust the water flow, and the total water supply is adjusted by an electronic scale.

3. The accessories used in the feeding system mainly include winches, feeding racks, hoppers, feeding nozzles, etc.


JN330 has a discharge capacity of 330L and a mixing rated power of 15Kw. It adopts a reducer independently developed and produced by Haomei Machinery. It has low noise, high torque and longer service life. The mixing blade is designed as a parallelogram. Customers can rotate it 180° for reuse based on actual wear and tear, and it has a long service life.

JN500 has a discharge capacity of 500L and a mixing rated power of 18.5Kw. It is a vertical planetary concrete mixer composed of loading, mixing, unloading, water supply, electrical and other parts. It has high mixing efficiency, high mixing uniformity and easy maintenance. It is favored by customers in industries such as cement pipes, pavement bricks, permeable bricks, and refractory castables.

JN750 has a discharge capacity of 750L and a mixing rated power of 30Kw. It has a compact structure, stable transmission, novel style, economy and durability, easy installation and maintenance, and no slurry leakage problem. The automatic lubrication design can extend the service life and maintenance of the equipment.

JN1000 planetary mixer has a discharge capacity of 1000L and a rated mixing power of 37Kw. It can not only mix dry hard concrete, but also mix lightweight aggregate concrete, fiber concrete, and high-grade concrete, so that the concrete can achieve strong mixing and even mixing.

Haomei Machinery has rich models of twin shaft concrete mixer and concrete planetary mixers. Welcome to leave message below to inquire construction mixer machine price from us.

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