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What Is A Good Portable Concrete Plant

Mar 30, 2020

Low failure rate is the key to measuring the quality of the portable concrete plant. When customers buy one, there is no exception that they hope to create value directly or indirectly for themselves.

Once the purchased mobile concrete batching plant has frequent failures, it may affect the actual output of the concrete mixing plant. So Haomei Machinery digs in on the decreasing the failure rate through the technological innovation.portable concrete batch plant.jpgMost of the failures of the portable batch plant are concentrated on the concrete mixer itself. The main problem is the faiure of the mixing shaft. Because the shaft end seal is not tight, it will cause the lease the concrete mixture.

There are two reasons: on the one hand, the seals are worn by the aggregate for a long time; on the other hand, the seal ring on the shaft end is loose because the lubricant is not filled in time. Therefore, Haomei Machinery has improved the rigor of the shaft end seal and paint such warning tips. In addition, we also equip the concrete mixer with an automatic oil pump to meet the needs of long-term continuous operation.In addition to the shaft end of the concrete mixer, the belt conveyor is also prone to problems such as slipping, deviation, and insufficient tension. These problem are minor, but enough to affect the efficiency of aggregate conveyance.

For solving these problems, we has strict control of the choice of belts and tugs. Besides, the belt conveyor is equipped with bilateral corridors,which makes its maintenance more convenient.

In addition, the lightning protection design of the cement silo, the double discharging opening of the batcher, the dust removal design of the concrete mixer all contributes to the smooth operation of the mobile concrete plant. That is a high cost-effective concrete plant provided by Haomei Machinery, a mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer.

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