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What Is JS750 Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Dec 09, 2020

The twin shaft concrete mixer is the mixing host of a complete concrete mixing plant. There are seven models from JS500 to JS4000 concrete mixer, the price ranging from tens of thousands to two or three hundred thousand.

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JS750 concrete mixer is of wide application. It can be used independently, form a simple concrete plant with PLD1200 batching machine or used as the mixing host of HZS35 concrete batching plant. It features stable working performance, low cost and high output. Where to buy one with high cost performance?

JS750 concrete mixer is currently the most widely used concrete mixer equipment on the market. Its maintenance cost is very low, the applicable concrete production range is also wide and the continuous working time of wear-resistant parts is long. The JS750 concrete mixer machine price ranges from 10,000 to 17,000 dollars.

In addition to the js750 concrete mixer, the complete production line also includes batching machines, cement silos, weighing systems, control systems and other equipment. Generally speaking, the price of a complete set of small concrete batch plant with JS750 concrete mixer as the mixing host is about 50,000 dollars.

Haomei JS750 concrete mixer is of reasonable design, low investment, convenient movement, stable performance and high output. It can be customized according to your actual situation. If you like to buy concrete mixer, welcome to leave message below to send an inquiry.

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