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What Is JS750 Concrete Mixer

Feb 17, 2020

JS750 concrete mixer is an advanced twin shaft mixer. It is of high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed,long blade life and easy maintenance.

JS750 concrete mixer.jpgIt is suitable for mixing plastic, dry hard, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. Therefore, it is an ideal mixer for various projects. According to the height of the outriggers, it is divided into 2 meter, 2.7 meter and 4.5 mater. The JS750 mixer with 2 meter leg is more commonly used.

JS750 stands for the output of 750L per batch. Different engines will bring different prices. Haomei JS750 concrete mixer offer you different brands of engines for you to choose from. Bearing is also the main component for JS750 concrete mixer, which has great influence on the normal operation of the entire machine.

JS750 concrete mixer has the function of strengthening the vibration while forcibly stirring, so that the material particles are in a state of flutter,which will destroy the cement agglomerates and accelerate the hydration of cement, thus improving concrete strength.

JS750 concrete mixer can work alone or to be the host of HZS35 concrete batch plant. As one of the big twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers, Haomei has the present popular models of concrete mixer such as JS500, JS1000 and JS750. Welcome to inquire them from us.

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