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What Is JZC350 Concrete Mixer

Feb 18, 2020

JZC350 concrete mixer is a kind of rotary mixer. It can mix plastic and semi-dry concrete with aggregate less than 60 mm. The forward rotation of the mixing drum is for mixing and the reverse rotation is for discharging. 0.35 cubic meter of dry material can be loaded each time and the output is about 0.23 cubic meter.

JZC 350 concrete mixer is composed of feeding system, mixing system, transmission parts, water supply system, chassis and electrical control system.

  • The feeding system is composed of a feeding rack, hopper and a JZC350 concrete mixer.jpglifting device.

  • The mixing system is the working part of the mixer, which consists of a mixing drum, a supporting wheel and a transmission system.

  • Its water supply system consists of motor, water pump, regulating valve, suction valve and pipeline.

  • JZC350 mixer chassis is of the welded structure. And it is equipped with two wheels and a tow bar for short-distance towing and parking.

  • JZC350 mixer is equipped with an electrical control box. The operation buttons and time relays are installed on the box door.

If you plan to buy a rotary mixer, pay attention to the daily maintenance:

  • Before ending the work, put in a proper amount of stones and water for mixing of 2-3 minutes. Several repeat will clear the slag accumulation.

  • Remove the dust and adhering concrete from the whole machine when ending the work.

  • Cut off the power of JZC350 mixer and lock the electrical box when you ends the work.

  • The remaining water in the water supply system of JZC350 mixer should be drained in cold season.

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