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How to Choose Soil Cement Mixing Plant

Apr 20, 2021

How to choose soil cement mixing plant? This is not a small problem for many friends who are new to the production of stabilized soil. Haomei Machinery has been engaged in the production of stabilized soil mixing plant for nearly 30 years and has accumulated rich experience. There are some tips on the selection of soil cement plant.

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Larger capacity

The customer had better choose an equipment with a large capacity that is 10% to 20% higher than the current demand capacity. There are two advantages: one is that it can avoid the long-term full-load production of the equipment, causing serious wear; the other is to prevent insufficient capacity due to tight construction period or the expand of the company. This is a better choice for the long-term development.

Bins of Batching Machine

The selection of soil cement mixing plant must also fully consider the type and quantity of materials to be mixed, and determine the number of bins of the batching machine. If the budget is sufficient, we recommend that customers also make a reserve for the raw materials.

Stationary or Mobile Type

After the above two points have been determined, a key questions on which to choose from the stationary coil cement plant or mobile stabilized soil mixing station. If you need to have a frequent transfer, we recommend you to choose a mobile one. If you produce stabilized oil for commercial purpose, the stationary one have a more reliable function.

Stabilized Soil Mixing Station Price

It is well known that the capacity and the kinds can make the equipment price different. Besides, the choice of electronic components, working principle and control system also has big effect on the stabilized soil mixing plant price. Haomei Machinery choose imported electronic components, ensuring more reliable function. Welcome to leave message below to get a quotation.

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