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What Will the Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine Factory Bring for You

Apr 23, 2020

In construction field, the concrete mixer is indispensable. Without it, then the work is basically impossible. Now, with the development of rural urbanization, the demand for concrete mixer is also increasing.

However, the traditional mixer truck has many shortcomings. One is its low flexibility and efficiency. Amid the development of the manufacturing technology, the self loading concrete mixer truck is born. What will it bring for you?

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The biggest advantage of the self loading transit mixer is the integration of several independent machines, that is, loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck. Compared with the total cost of the three, the self loading concrete mixer price is very affordable.

In addition, its operation is also very simple. It has seven functions in one: self loading, weighting, pumping, mixing, transport, discharging and washing. The work that required five or six people to complete in the before only needs two workers to finish it.

And the operating skills of the self loading concrete mixer can be grasped within a few hours of learning, which can save a lot of labor and reduce the learning cost.

Moreover, since the self loading concrete mixer machine factory is of high automation and intelligence, it has a higher working efficiency. It can finish 4 whole cycles in one hour. Besides, it is of high uniform mixing effect, low residual ash rate and quick discharging speed. 270 degree discharging makes it applicable for most construction sites.

Comprehensively, compared with the traditional concrete mixers, the self loading concrete mixer machine factory is a high cost-effective choice. Its popularity is within our expectation. Welcome to contact Haomei Machinery for the product information.

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