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How to Maintain The Fuel System of Self Loading Transit Mixer

Apr 23, 2020

As we all know, the normal operation of the engine of the self loading concrete mixer mainly relies on the fuel system to provide power. In many cases, due to the failure of the fuel system, the engine of the machine cannot start or is in a weak state. Therefore, routine maintenance of the fuel system should be done.

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1. Refuel in time

During the operation of the self loading transit mixer, the operator should always pay attention to the amount of fuel. When the fuel quantity displayed on the fuel gauge is close to the "0" position, make sure to refuel in time. Do not add fuel when the fuel is exhausted.

This will lead to the stop of the engine and the entry of air into the fuel system which will cause the waste of fuel and the emission difficulty.

2. Be careful not to block the fuel system

Since the working environment of the self mixing concrete machine is harsh, the fuel system is easily blocked. Once the fuel system is blocked, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it must be checked in time to ensure that the fuel pipeline is unblocked.

3. Check the tightness of the fuel system

If black smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipe or the engine is difficult to start, it may be caused by air leakage. Please check the tightness of the fuel system.

4. Keep the fuel clean

Approximately 50% of fuel system failures are caused by dirty fuel. For gasoline engines, most are caused by water in the fuel. Moisture in gasoline can also corrode the components of the fuel supply system.

5. Fuel selection is the key

It is recommended to choose high quality fuel suitable for the self loading concrete mixer factory. The poor fuel quality will have a lot of impurities, which will accumulate and settle for a long time,thus blocking the the oil filter, oil pipe and fuel injector.

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