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What Will the Self Loading Mixer Bring for You

Jul 16, 2020

As the most widely used construction material, concrete appears in almost every project. However, there are always some engineering projects stuck on it because there is no commercial concrete plant or too high commercial concrete cost. The self loading mixer is born for solving this predicament.

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Because this self loading concrete mixer truck can self loading, weighing, mixing, transport and discharging, which is just like a small concrete batching plant. Most of the projects around the towns is close to the commercial mixing plant without worrying about the lack of concrete.

But for the projects in remote areas, there is even a lack of electricity, not to mention the concrete batching plant. The self mixer has a high degree of automation and does not require electricity. As long as there is enough water and raw material, it can provide enough concrete for the projects.

In addition, it can climb up to 30°, and can also pass through rough roads steadily. The reasonable design of the body and quality parts gives it powerful performance. Therefore, it plays an more important role in infrastructure projects such as road construction, building houses, building bridges, etc. in mountainous areas, rural areas, and other areas.

More importantly, the self loading transit mixer can save a lot of cost for you. It is not a big problem for the big projects with sufficient budgets such as the material and transportation costs. But for small and medium-sized projects, the control of construction cost is more important. With this equipment, the basic cost is only the raw material cost and the salary of two workers. So why not choose it?

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