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Where to Find A Quality Concrete Mixing Pump Factory

Apr 26, 2020

As an construction equipment, when you plan to buy a quality concrete mixing pump factory, we should have full consideration of the following factors: key parts quality, configuration and function, manufacturer, after-sale service.

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Key Parts

The key parts of a concrete mixer machine with pump have engine, hydraulic system and mixer. The quality key parts can ensure the normal operation of your machine, otherwise it will be easy to have failure, which will delay the construction progress.

Configuration and Function

Some manufacturers choose domestic main oil pumps, although the price is low, the quality is poor. Haomei Choose the imported advanced oil pump that has strong power, long service life and low fuel consumption.

As for the concrete mixer, we choose twin shaft concrete mixer, which has better mixing quality and efficiency, up to the standard of commercial concrete. The total power of the concrete mixer pump is lower than the power of traditional mixer and concrete pump.

The function of the concrete mixing pump is reflected in many aspects, such as: concrete delivery volume, loading height, concrete mixing volume, pumping pressure, motor power, etc. These factors are the core elements that affect its function. If some factors are not reached, it may make you unable to complete this project.

Concrete mixing pump factory

There are some ways to judge the factor you meet. Firstly, you have a look of its data online or given by its staff. Secondly, you can have a clear idea after deep conversation with its sales staff. Finally, you can visit the factory if you have time. A reliable concrete mixing pump factory pays attention to each process.

After-sale service

The concrete mixer machine with pump is not a disposable item, so good after-sales service is an important factor to consider when you buy a machine. Any machine may have some failure. A manufacturer with considerate service can give you technical support in time.

Although price is very important, it is more important to get the cost-effective products and good after-sales service.

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