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How to Use Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump in Different Weathers

Apr 26, 2020

A concrete mixer machine with pump has the functions of mixing and pumping in one. What are the different precautions for using it in different weathers?

3(1).jpg1. Thunderstorm or bad weather conditions

In the weather of big wind(more than 13.8m/s) or in the event of storm or tornado, the operation should be stopped, the supporting legs should be retracted and it should be kept in a safe place.

2. Operation site with tower crane: Special attention should be paid to the operation path and operation scope of the tower crane.

3. The operation of the concrete mixer pump factory should be as far away as possible from all high and low voltage power equipment such as high-voltage lines, high-voltage line towers and transformers. The safety distance should be doubled in rainy and wet weather.

4. The requirements for safety operation in winter:

Since it is easy to freeze the pipes in winter, we must grasp measures to prevent freezing pipes.

  • First, we can cover the pipe with the thermal insulation layer.

  • While waiting for concrete, insert the hose inlet into the concrete to prevent the cold air from entering and freezing the tube, and check the concrete freezing condition in time.

  • After ending the work, wash the pipes thoroughly and drain the water. Keep the concrete mixing pump factory in a warm environment.

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