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Which Kind of Concrete Batch Plant to Choose for Large Projects

Feb 06, 2020

It is certain that for large-scale projects, the primary choice is the stationary batching plant. Considering the whole performance, the stationary batching plant is of compact layout, low energy consumption, high productivity, high automation and centralized control,etc.


It has been widely used in large and medium-sized construction projects with large demand for concrete, long construction period and concentrated construction sites. Compared with mobile mixing plant, stationary concrete plant has strict foundation requirements, large capital investment, long disassembly time and relatively difficult installation.

Which kind of concrete batching plant to choose has always been the most common problem for customers. Generally speaking, a mobile mixing plant can go to anywhere where you needed, an ideal choice for frequent transfers. For other situations, stationary concrete batching plant is still the primary choice. There are two main factors:

1577096503163242.jpg1. With the limit of the mobile frame, the aggregate silo of the mobile mixing plant is generally high and the volume is also relatively low, which means that frequent loading operations are needed. Therefore, it is not suitable for continuous concrete production.

2. The maximum production capacity of the mobile mixing plant is 100 m3/h.While stationary concrete plant has much larger capacity such as HZS120 stationary concrete plant.

As a big concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei has both mobile concrete plant and stationary batching plant. Welcome to tell me your requirements, we can customize special solution for you.

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