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Which One to Choose: Stationary or Mobile Batching Plant

Dec 17, 2020

There is a basic questions for the customers considering to buy a batch plant for sale: which one is better, stationary or mobile batching plant. Let’s have a general knowledge of their own application scope.

Generally speaking, mobile batching plant are suitable for those projects that require frequent transitions. In other situations, the better choice is stationary batching plant. The reasons are as follows:

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1. Limited by the movable frame, the aggregate silo of the mobile mixing plant is generally relatively high and the capacity is relatively low, which means frequent feeding operations are required, which is not suitable for continuous and stable concrete production.

2. The maximum production capacity of mobile batching plant is 75 m3/h,which cannot meet the demand for higher concrete production.

Large-scale projects should use stationary batching plant. It is of low power consumption, high productivity, high automation and centralized control, etc., which is used in large and medium-sized construction projects with large concrete volume, long construction period, and concentrated construction sites.

Compared with the mobile batching plant, its disadvantage is as follows: It has complicated structure, strict foundation requirements, large capital investment, longer disassembly and assembly time, and greater difficulty in installation. Generally, large cranes are required for hoisting.

Different types of concrete batching plants are designed for different construction needs. If your projects needs frequent transfer, it is recommended to buy a mobile batching plant. If you want to build a commercial concrete batching plant, a stationary RMC plant is better.

Some customers will have their own set of configuration when purchasing a batch plant for sale. So they will tend to make their own choices and ignore the manufacture’s suggestions. The given configuration by the concrete batch plant manufacturer means the best production equipment. It will be better to refer to the manufacturer's opinions as much as possible. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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