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Why Do Americans Like Using Multi-axle Chassis of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Sep 13, 2022

With technological innovation and the use of high-strength steel, China can currently achieve 3-axle 47 meter pump truck and 4-axle 60-meter pump trucks. However, in terms of stability and durability, more axles within a reasonable range is of course the better. In fact, the 4-axle 47 meter pump truck us is more reliable than 3-axle 47meter concrete pump.

In addition to its overweight limit being raised, for pump trucks that often drive on paved roads, the more axles, the smaller the pressure assigned to each tire, which also plays a good role in protecting the road and avoiding overloading. Moreover, the more axles there are, the larger the pressure area of the body on the chassis, which can also relieve the fatigue deformation of the chassis girder material.

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However, the more axles the chassis has, the more expensive the price will be. From the customer's point of view, of course, the fewer axles the better. Therefore, in the domestic market, a 3-axle 49-meter pump truck like this is very popular with consumers, because in this way, buying a long boom pump truck can save a lot of cost.

For Americans, the concrete pump trucks with a length of more than 50 meters should start with 6 axles. For example, the 63-meter boom pump truck from Alliance in the United States is based on a MACK 7-axle universal truck chassis. Since the length of the body is sufficient, the boom of this car does not need to be extended to the cab, and the conventional RZ-type boom structure is adopted.

Another is 10-axle 70 meter concrete boom pump truck is the longest boom pump truck from Putzmeister. This pump truck does not use a conventional heavy truck chassis, but adopts the design of a tractor. Among them, the tractor has 5 axles, and the rear bodywork also provides 5 axles. Why do Americans like using multi-axle chassis?

Due to the very strict overrun standards in the United States, it is very unfriendly to concrete pump trucks. The weight of the pump truck is very large, therefore, to meet the overrun criteria, more axles must be added, thereby reducing the overrun assigned to each axle.

Compared with domestic short-axle long-boom pump trucks, it is really troublesome for this kind of ultra-long chassis concrete boom pump truck to enter and leave the construction site. Its turning radius is large, and the space requirements for the construction site are larger, so it is also very inconvenient to use. If it were you, with the same boom length, which type of chassis would you choose?

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