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How to Choose Cement Silo for Concrete Batching Plant

Sep 19, 2022

Cement silo is the equipment that provides the storage of various bulk materials such as cement and fly ash for the concrete batching plant, and is one of the necessary supporting equipment for the concrete batching plant. There are mainly three types of cement silos: mobile cement silo, vertical cement silo and bolted cement silo.

Different types of batching plants require different quantities of cement silos. How large and how many cement silos should the HZS180 concrete batching plant have? It is a large batching plant and is mostly used as commercial concrete. There are many types of concrete that need to be mixed, so there are also many cement silos that need to be equipped.

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The HZS180 concrete batching plant generally needs 4 vertical cement silos, each with a capacity of 150t. There are 4 sets of 200t vertical cement silo. Due to the diameter and tonnage limitations of the 200t cement silos, they need to be installed on site. Generally speaking, there is no specific regulation on which type of cement silo should be used for the concrete batching plant.

The mobile cement silo is similar to that of a container and the height is low. It is generally used indoors. The total height is about 5-6 meters. It easy to store, easy to disassemble and has no need to lay foundation. The common capacity is 50t, 80t, 100t, 150, 200t, etc.

The diameter of the cement silo is also different for each model. Generally, the number and type of cement silos used in small batching plants are also small. For example, a 50t cement silo is sufficient for hzs25 batching plants, and large-capacity cement silos like 100 ton cement silo can be selected for large batching plants.

Haomei Machinery will understand the actual needs of users in detail before the user builds a station, and provide a set of suitable cement silo matching solutions for customers' reference. In order to ensure production more reasonably, it is recommended to listen to the professional opinions.

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