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Why Do You Need Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump

Feb 25, 2020

With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, the infrastructure construction of the countries along the line is developing fast. Concrete batch plant, concrete mixer and concrete pumping is more needed than before. There is also a new type, mobile concrete mixer with pump, is born for the individual or small projects.

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The concrete mixing pump is a combination of concrete pump and the concrete mixer, greatly saving the purchasing cost. And it is more cost-effective than the concrete pump and the concrete mixer.

The advantages of concrete mixer pump in rural construction:

1. It is labor and time saving, lessening production cost.

2. With two functions combined, it is easier to haul and operate.

3. The operation is safer and the pumping efficiency is higher. And it can reach the height of 50 meters.

The application range of concrete mixer with pump for sale

1. Small and medium-size construction projects, including civil buildings, rural houses and concrete road pavement.

2. Mine, highway, railway, tunnel and culvert engineering.

3. Slope care, small and medium reservoirs, and water conservancy,etc.

4. Other small and medium-sized outdoor or field operations.

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