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Why Is Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump So Popular?

Nov 24, 2021

The concrete mixer machine with pump can be used for mixing and pumping dry and wet materials such as cement, mortar, and fine stone concrete. It has two functions in one, so its price is relatively low, and the cost performance is high.

While improving the quality of concrete mixing, it also saves time, manpower, and labor costs. It realizes the on-site mixing of concrete, mortar, etc., and pipeline transportation at the same time.Not only can it greatly improve the efficiency of the project during construction, but it is also more convenient for construction in narrow areas, sloping roofs, and high-rise buildings.

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The concrete mixing pump has electric and diesel model. At present, it is very difficult to connect to the power supply in many areas, especially for some special projects such as slope protection or field projects. In this case, you need to choose diesel concrete mixer pump. Its mixing and pumping rely on the power of the diesel engine, which does not require electrical support, which is much more convenient.

The concrete mixer with pump is matched with forklift feeding to realize 100% mechanization of feeding, mixing and pumping. The construction efficiency is 4-6 times that of concrete mixer and concrete pumps, which greatly saves labor and construction costs and simplifies the construction process.

When buying a concrete mixer pump, the configuration of the product cannot be ignored. It is usually necessary to observe the thickness, workmanship and materials of other key parts of the concrete mixer machine and pump. When selecting parts, the materials of hydraulic hoses and lubricating copper pipes are as important as the "main oil pump", the heart of the delivery pump. Once a hose has a problem, it will affect the normal operation of the entire hydraulic system.

In addition to the concrete mixing pump, truck mounted concrete pump and long boom concrete pump are other two main pumping equipment used in construction. They features flexible movement. The maximum driving speed of the pump truck chassis can reach 80Km/h, but their cost is also very high. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete mixer pump price.

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