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How to Choose China Hot Mix Plant

Nov 30, 2021

When you decide to buy a China hot mix plant and start producing asphalt concrete for your project or commercial sales, you must choose the type, scale, brand and budget. Then the corresponding storage size, the number of cold storage bins, the type of pollution control, etc. must also be considered.

Batch type hot mix plant

The advantage of the China batch type hot mix plant lies in the high quality of the finished asphalt mixture and no waste of aggregate. Another advantage is that it can switch the specifications of the mixture as needed.

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The mixing cycle is about 45 seconds, so a plant with a mixing tank capacity of 1500KG can produce 120 tons (tph) per hour. The aggregate is supplied by the elevator to the rotary drying drum that removes the moisture, and then it is sieved into several bins according to the particle size. After weighing, it is sent to the mixing tank and mixed with the powder and hot asphalt until the required time.

Asphalt drum mix plant

The asphalt drum mix plant is a continuous mixing equipment, and the first two-thirds of the drying drum unit is dedicated to dehumidification. In the last third of the unit, all the materials are thoroughly mixed.

The advantage of the drum asphalt mixing plant is to reduce the hot mixing process to the most basic requirements. By eliminating most of the steps of batch production of mixing materials, the drum asphalt mixing plant can complete its work more economically. The mobile asphalt drum mix plant is much favored by many customers.

Used or completely new equipment

Compared with the used equipment, its condition is very good since it has been never used. And you can get out technical support during the whole process including installation and debugging. This is really a big advantage for companies that are new to the asphalt mixing plant.

It is certain that the second-hand asphalt plant is much cheaper. But pay attention to whether the equipment is abused, so as to avoid frequent problems in future use.

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