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Daily Maintenance of Self Loading Mixer Machine

Feb 03, 2020

As a transport vehicle, the self-loading mixer machine should follow the provisions of the Ministry of Communications in your country. Under this premise, the daily maintenance should be combined with the actual situation of the self loading transit mixer.

In terms of daily maintenance, besides the conventional maintenance of engines, chassis and other parts, we should also do the following maintenance work.

self loading mixer.jpgSince the concrete will solidify into a hard mass in a short time, and it is corrosive to steel and paint, the concrete adhered to the storage tank, inlet and outlet should be cleaned after each use daily. The specific measures:

1. Washing the self-loading transit mixer's inlet with water before each loading, so that the inlet is kept wet during loading。

2. While feeding, fill the washing water tank with water.

3. After loading, rinse the inlet and clean the residual concrete near the inlet.

4. After unloading at the construction site, rinse the discharge tank, and then add washing water to the concrete storage tank.

The self loading concrete mixer for sale should keep rotating slowly on return. Remember to discharge the sewage in the concrete storage tank before the next loading. Clean the concrete storage tank and the surroundings of the inlet and outlet to ensure no concrete or cement block after ending the work every day.

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