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What Are the Structural Features of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

Feb 04, 2020

Self-loading concrete mixer truck is a machine that can operate all the steps involved in making concrete mixture automatically. It can self-load aggregates, weigh the batch, mix, transport and place the final concrete at the concrete site according to the requirement.

How does it realize such many functions? That is owed to its structure. What are the structural features? Lets come to have a knowledge.

self loading concrete mixer machine.jpg1. The running system of the feeding mixer is from the engine through the torque converter, the front and rear transmission shafts to the front and rear axles. Hydraulic four wheel driven helps greatly reduce the turning radius, which is more suitable for narrow construction sites.

2. The hydraulic system of the self loading mobile concrete mixer adopts constant power pump, which is helpful for decreasing the power loss of the engine.

3. The rotation of the mixing tank is driven by a hydraulic motor through a dedicated planetary reducer, and the shaft of the planetary reducer is helpful to keep the stability of the whole mixing tank. In addition, the mixing tank is is equipped with a speed control valve, which can accurately control the mixing speed.

1576144881978458.jpg4. According to the designed ratio, the material is weighed by the shovel arm, boom cylinder, bucket, and then electronically weighed and self loaded. There are also some setting that ensures the smooth feeding and unloading.

5. The water supply system of self loading mixer machine is equipped with quantitative water pump. With the right ratio of water, the aggregate and the cement, the quality of the concrete can be guaranteed.

6. The mixing tank is fixed and supported on the base frame through three points, and the front end is connected with the gear box output flange fixed on the base frame. The flange can change the oblique viewpoint.

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