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How to Maintain Mobile Concrete Plant in Winter

Jan 13, 2020

It is a severe test for a mobile concrete plant to work in the cold climate. As a customer or after-sale engineer, what should we do to make it perform well in the winter? There are six parts.

1. Water Supply System

  • The pump must be regularly lubricated as required.YHZS60 mobile cement plant.jpg

  • If the pump is stopped for a long time, the water in the pipe should be cleaned.

  • In winter, it is necessary to ensure the normal flow of water in the pipe. To prevent freezing, you can use the insulation pipe.

  • Regularly check the joints of the water supply pipe. Water is easy to accumulated in this position.

2. Pneumatic System

  • Condensate drainage involves the entire pneumatic system, from compressors, fuel tanks, piping systems, air filters to automatic drains. At cement silo of mobile concrete plant.jpgthe end of the operation, the temperature at night is below zero. In order to prevent condensation from freezing, the water must be drained everywhere.

  • When the pneumatic device of portable concrete plant is running, check whether the oil droplet volume of the oil mister meets the requirements and whether the oil color is normal.

3. Additive Supply System

  • Pay attention to pipe insulation and additive tank insulation to prevent external additives from freezing, causing inconvenience to production.

  • Under the case of no use for a long time, the additives in the additive pump need to be cleaned to prevent freezing and corrosion.

4. Concrete Mixer

  • In winter, the working surroundings of the concrete mixer needs a heating device. The room temperature must be maintained above 0 ℃ as mush as possible and the mixer must be operated without load before starting working.concrete mixer of YHZS75 mobile concrete plant .jpg

  • The storage place of the mixer should be in a moderately heated building with conditions such as no mechanical vibration and shaking, dust protection, moisture resistance, no chemical erosion,etc.

5. Transmission System

  • You had better use l-ckc150 gear oil for the reducer of transmission system.

  • After the first refueling, replace with new oil after 200 hours of operation. After that, change the oil every half a year or every 2500 hours.

6. Feeder Maintenance

  • Regularly add lubricating oil and regularly clean impurities.

  • Regularly clean the moisture of the distributor, gas supply system and pipelines to prevent freezing in winter construction.

  • Clean excess materials in the gravel warehouse after the end of work to prevent frozen that will delay the production the next day

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