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How Does An Asphalt Mixer for Sale Work

Jan 02, 2020

Asphalt mixer is a main part of small asphalt plant for sale. Its performance directly influences the quality of asphalt. How does an asphalt mixer work?

An asphalt mixer for sale is made up of reducer, mixing blade, mixing arms, mixing cylinder, and synchronous gear. It is used to evenly mix the hot aggregate, powder and asphalt that have been weighed according to a certain proportion to the required finished product.

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To reach the best mixing effect, Haomei asphalt mixer adopts double-axis reverse rotation to make the aggregate turn up and down for 15-25 seconds, which can make the aggregate stir evenly. At the same time, the synchronous gear guarantees the synchronous rotation of the two axes.

In addition, the blades and linings of Haomei asphalt mixer are made of chrome-molybdenum alloy wear-resistant cast iron and the motor is of well-known brand, which has longer service life.

Any equipment needs careful examination before working and after ending the work. Daily maintenance will effectively prolong the service life.

For the new equipment, the mixing tank must carefully check whether the connection between the liner, the mixing arm and the stirring blade is tight, and check that the gap between the blade and the liner is within the range of 3-8 mm.

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