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Top 4 Influencing Factors on The Quality of Concrete

Jan 08, 2020

Strict manager of stationary concrete batch plant is vital for producing quality concrete. There are mainly four factors: the control of raw material, mixing ratio of concrete, weighing and mixing, and transportation

The control of raw material

stationary concrete batch plant.jpgThe quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of concrete. Unqualified raw materials shall not be allowed to enter the site of the sationary concrete batch plant. Strict control is the top priority of production management.

1. Cement. The concrete batch plant should cooperate with reliable cement producer and the cement label should be strictly checked when receiving the goods.

2. Water. The water required by the concrete mixing plant is generally drinking water, and the principle of water conservation must be observed.

3. Coarse and fine aggregate. We should use natural high-quality sand and stone. The aggregate with large particle size can increase the strength of concrete.

4. Additives. We should strengthen the inspection of the concentration of liquid additives to greatly increase the effective content of the additives.

Mixing Ratio of Concrete

js500 concret mixer.jpgThe design of mixing ratio of concrete is a reflection of the comprehensive strength of the production technology of a concrete mixing plant. The mixing ratio of concrete must be calculated and verified before mixing.

Weighing and Mixing

Metering is also a key part of the mixing plant. For producing high quality concrete,the present concrete batching plant usually adopts independent weighing system.

The concrete plant cost is a big number. In order to make full use of the concrete plant, the choice of concrete mixer is very important. The present popular choice is twin shaft mixer, which is applicable for different kinds of concretes.


Reasonably equip concrete mixer truck according to the actual conditions of the concrete mixing plant including number and sizes of vehicles. Haomei has different sizes of concrete mixer truck for you such as3 yard, 4 yard, 5 yard concrete mixer truck,etc.

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