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How to Choose A Right Concrete Mixer for A Concrete Plant

Jan 09, 2020

If we plan to build a concrete plant with annul output of 0.35 million m3. How to choose a right concrete mixer for your concrete plant? Take Haomei HZS60 concrete batch plant for example.

HZS60 concrete batch plant .jpg1. The formula to calculate annual capacity of the stationary batching plant: Qy=k*306*Qd. Here our annul output is 0.35 million, K=0.8, so the Qd is 1429.73 m3.

2. The formula to calculate daily production capacity of the stationary batching plant: Qd=0.8*C*8*Qh. Here C=3. Since the Qd is 1429.73 m3,the capacity per hour of the concrete mixing plant is 60m3/h.

3. The formula to calculate hourly production capacity of the concrete plant:

Qh=n*Q. Here n=1, Q refers to the capacity of the concrete mixer. After calculating, the Q is 60 m3/h.

4. The hourly production capacity of the mixer can be calculated according to the formula:

js1000 concrete mixer.jpgQ=3600V1Φ/(t1+t2+t3). Here Q is hourly production capacity of mixer, V1 is feed capacity, t1 is loading time, t2 is the mixing time, t3 is concrete unloading time, Φ is discharge coefficient. The discharge coefficient is usually 0.65-0.7.

Since Q is 60 m3/h, we can know V1 is 1.9 m3,that is 1900 L. And because Φ=V2/V1. V2 is the discharging volume and it is 1300L. You need a JS1300 concrete mixer.

All these calculation is based on the standardized conditions. In the practical operation, some concrete plant needs a larger one and some needs a small one because of high efficiency. For Haomei HZS60 concrete batch plant, you just need a JS1000 concrete mixer. A smaller concrete mixer means less cost when you buy and use it.

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