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How to Decide the Position of Concrete Mixing Pump Factory

Apr 29, 2020

The concrete mixing pump factory has gradually become an important equipment for urban concrete construction because of its high efficiency and convenience. It has the functions of mixing concrete and delivering concrete on site. It is simple to operate and has a small size, which is very suitable for construction in rural areas.

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After purchasing it, how to install and operate it is very important. If the operator is not familiar with the concrete mixer machine with pump, one should carefully read the instruction manual and the matters needing attention. The instruction manual has a detailed introduction of the working principle, such as the function of the remote control switches. Do not operate the machine until the operator thoroughly understands the instruction manual.

When placing the trailer pump, the operator should choose a proper position for the machine. First of all, we need to consider if it is convenient for the forklift to feed. Much time on shoveling will greatly affect the efficiency of the construction, so the position of the concrete mixing pump should be close to the sand and cement.

At the same time, we also need to check if it is convenient for the water pipe and wires to connect with the pump trailer and if the delivery position is beneficial to the construction. Try to achieve the shortest distance and straight transportation, so as to minimize the resistance, reduce the chance of blockage, speed up the transportation and improve the construction efficiency.

Another thing is to check if the place is solid, so as to avoid collapsing during the construction process. The operator should keep the concrete mixer pump trailer factory place on an even and solid ground. If there is vibrating situation during the pumping process, the operator should fix the concrete mixer pump again.

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